Cutting-edge Technology for advanced imaging
Cutting-edge Technology for advanced imaging

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For years a leader in the veterinary diagnostics sector, the company has developed cutting-edge flat panel CT scanners, offering veterinary operators the ability to obtain detailed, high-quality images for precise and timely diagnosis.

Thanks to our new technology, orthopedic doctors will have an unparalleled tool at their disposal for the evaluation of bone lesions, trauma and joint pathologies. The ability to obtain high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure and greater acquisition speed will make this scanner a true game changer in the field of orthopedic diagnostics.


New human scanner family

Discover the series of our innovative human scanners, destined to become game changers, especially in orthopedic applications.

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Reach your full potential with our integrate TAC 3D

Fluoroscopy and 3D CT integrated. It has a motion compensation system that allows scanning of the head and neck, up to C7-T1, with the horse standing.

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“Three-in-one” multimodal platform

Extremely easy to install, simple to use both the software and the hardware with particular attention to ergonomics, which has been specifically designed for veterinary use.

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Advancing Veterinary Care

Our scanners represent a point of reference for the veterinary profession, allowing targeted interventions and effective treatments for four-legged friends.

Human CT Scanner Innovation

Imaginalis innovative vision has led to a new milestone: the development of a human CT scanner that promises to revolutionize the medical sector, particularly in orthopedic applications.

Precision Diagnosis & Treatment

Our scanner introduces advanced technology that offers high-resolution images and greater imaging flexibility, allowing for more precise diagnosis and optimized treatment planning.

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The ultimate goal is to develop systems that allow doctors and veterinarians to accurately diagnose medical conditions, thereby guiding treatment and improving patient care.


We provide reliable, high-quality devices that enable medical professionals to make precise diagnoses and guide effective treatments for patients.

Selling and after-sales

We offer comprehensive support that includes professional advice during the sales process, assistance in choosing the model best suited to the customer's specific needs and staff training on the correct use of the equipment. Furthermore, after-sales service is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of the scanners in the long term.

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