At Imaginalis, we’re looking for people who want to make a difference. We encourage everyone to express their opinions and to be creative in their work, as it’s only by doing so that we’re able to generate value as a company. Imaginalis does not invest exclusively in the technical and professional growth of its employees, but instead fosters the development of soft skills, such as inter-personal and behavioral skills, which tend to characterize people and their way of engaging with their working environment. Ours is a team effort that relies on individual strengths to create a stimulating and rewarding environment.

As a young and constantly expanding company, Imaginalis aims to become a key player in the medical and veterinary imaging industries, embracing its specific sectors, from quality control, to regulatory affairs, R&D, operations, marketing, sales, administration, finance, logistics, and human resources. If you are an ambitious person who is willing to take new challenges in your stride, do not hesitate to send us an unsolicited application.

Imaginalis’ vision is to develop imaging technology that respects people and the planet while ensuring patients remain the focus of the medical services industry.

Our mission is to develop new 2D and 3D imaging platforms that are mobile, ergonomic with regard to patient safety and operator usability, and consume less energy.

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Send us an unsolicited application to the following email address: info@imaginalis.it, attaching a cover letter and CV in EU format.