Vimago GT30 Pico

With its HU and GT-30 series machines, Imaginalis has reached the highest levels of flat-panel CT technology, overcoming the boundaries that often come with scanning hard tissues.

The machines of the HU series have a maximum acquisition FOV of 27cm in width, and the recent 16-bit A/D (analog-digital) conversion system drastically improves image quality, rendering them less ‘artificial’ and more contrasted. Scans of each stack (12cm along the Z axis) take between 10 and 27 seconds, with the option to work on a maximum of nine stacks in serial acquisition.

The GT-30 series was born from an idea to bring flat-panel CT imaging as close as possible to traditional multi-layer CT machines, using a 30cm FOV and physical filters that reduce the artificial component, thereby drastically improving the assessment of soft tissue. The acquisition times for each stack are between 10 and 27 seconds, but acquisition along the Z axis has been increased to 15cm with the option to scan a maximum of seven stacks in series.

Both types of machine generate images with a very high spatial resolution (between 0.09 and 0.6mm in the HU series, and between 0.1 and 0.6mm in the GT-30 series). To make a somewhat “approximate” comparison, a traditional 16-layer CT machine works with an average spatial resolution of between 0.6 and 1.2 mm (classic “slices”).

Essentially, both machines generate quality images of bone and soft tissues, rendering them extremely versatile. The HU series is recommended in particular for individuals working mainly on bone tissue pathologies of a dental or orthopedic nature, or for those working with small animals on a daily basis (e.g., ‘unconventional animals’ such as rabbits, rodents, etc.). These devices can generate diagnostic images of the lung parenchyma and most soft tissues.

The GT-30, on the other hand, has been designed for those needing to make assessments ranging from orthopedic to cancer patients, in addition to the study of vascular conditions in animals ranging in size from rabbits to large dogs.

Case Study Vimago GT30 Pico

Case 1

Dog, cross-breed, male, 1 year, suspected porto-systemic shunt

Case 2

Dog, Jack Russell Terrier, female, 5 years, hepatic transaminase increased, suspected hepatic neoplastic area

Case 3

Dog, cross-breed, female, 8 years old, adrenal tumor staging

Case 4

Dog, Swiss Shepherd, male, 12 years, left unilateral muco-haemorrhagic nasal discharge

Case 5

Cat, Maine Coon, male, 12 years old, difficulty defecating and urinating

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Clinica veterinaria Feltrina, Feltre (BL)  

Clinica veterinara VET-CTO, Cetraro (CS)

Clinica veterinaria Timavo, Monfalcone (GO)

Centro veterinario CTO, Vigevano (PV)

Clinica veterinaria Feltrina, Feltre (BL) 

Clinica veterinara VET-CTO, Cetraro (CS)

Clinica veterinaria Timavo, Monfalcone (GO) 

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